Miller Pen Co.

Miller Pen is a wholesale company established in 1908 and is one of the leading distributors of writing instruments in Scandinavia. We sell two brands: Artline and Pentel.



For 70 years Pentel have provided the world with quality writing instruments, giving us the lead in the industry of innovation, environmental technology and product guarantee!


There are many characteristics of Pentel. For instance: we are the only manufacturer of writing instruments to receive the highly recognized American Deming Price for Quality Management. In fact, we were also the first inventor of the rollerball pen, which is now used worldwide. Since then, we have also been recognized for our mechanical pencils and for our Hi-Polymer® refill leads. We put a lot of honour and pride in our craft, so we stand for the fabrication of all our products ourselves – that is how we can guarantee a lifetime of durability.


We are equally committed to our quality products as we are for education and the environment. We sponsor a wide range of educational programs and donate products to libraries, schools and charities. Our products, as well as packets and boxes are made from recycled and recyclable materials. That is how Pentel can work with you to create a healthier environment.